What is the Agenda Timer? 

Agenda Timer is a consecutive multitasking countdown timer that will keep you on task with just a few items or many. Appropriate for all avenues of life, this timer can be set up for work, school, or home to keep you on task accomplishing everything on your to do list. Whether you need to stick to a time schedule in a business meeting, classroom, studying, or just have a list of tasks needing to be accomplished Agenda Timer is the perfect tool for you.


Why I created the Agenda Timer?

Have you ever desperately needed an app to fill a need and you just couldn’t find what you were looking for? I searched for this type of app for nearly three years without success. This app was born out of a desperate need to have a line item timer to use with my students. I tutor students with dyslexia using the Orton-Gillingham approach. This approach breaks down a tutoring session into about 10 sections. I often times found that the most important section at the end, where my students practice what they learn during our session, was short-changed. I needed a better way to keep track of time during our sessions so I could ensure that our practice time at the end wasn’t short-changed. As we were developing this app we quickly realized just how versatile this app could truly be. Please contact us via the help section with any suggestions that could make this app perfect for your situation.

Features Include:

  • Unlimited number of line items
    • Each line item has its own duration, freehand notes, and selectable alert sound
  • Run multiple timers at the same time
    • Alerts are standard system notifications, so you can use your device for other tasks while your agenda is in progress and configure exactly how you want the alerts to be delivered
  • Receive alerts on your Apple Watch
    • Available across all devices on the same Apple account with iCloud storage
  • Can also other 3rd party file provider services
    • Fully integrated with the Files app
  • Share your customized agenda timers with others
    • Copy, duplicate, rename, move, delete, and share individual agendas, and tag agendas by color or subject
  • Temporarily add or subtract time, repeat, or skip line items all while the timer is in progress

What people are saying about Agenda App Timer

I teach middle school and was using a generic timer for behavior modification, which requires frequent check-ins throughout a one hour class. Our behavior team looked for apps which would allow for multiple timers to be set but they were either expensive or didn’t do everything we needed. I was asked to help test this app right at this time. I does everything we need and more! I have set various alarms on an agenda and now all I have to do is hit “start” at the beginning of class. Previously, I’d have to stop my instruction and reset the timer. This allows the transition between learning, behavior check, and learning to remain seamless. This makes a huge difference as all those little interruptions add up. This app is easy to use, has so many handy features, and is affordable. It will save you so much time and time is money!


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